Shuttle Enters Hangar with Open Wings

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Re: Shuttle Enters Hangar with Open Wings

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Post by Leofus » Sun Jun 19, 2022 8:35 pm

Ace Antilles wrote:
Sun Jun 19, 2022 2:20 pm
Leofus wrote:
Sun Jun 19, 2022 1:40 pm
i peeked in that ini and expanded the sfoils instructions to all craft in the hangar except the ones that take off. it works great! i really appreciate it. thank you, ace
I thought I had already done that?
Don't all the Lambda Shuttles take off or am I wrong?
Which ones did you add please.
Plus doesn't that kinda give away which one is which :lachtot:
not sure if im being trolled or... anyway no landing craft move and only the shuttles deuterium and tydirium ever move from their spot. in the file you posted only the landing craft had their wings closed and they were all occupying one spot so there only appeared to be one of them.

to help obscure the deuterium and tydirium's open wings i placed them on either side of the corridor opposite the one the player faces when docking with the station so they are at the player's back. yeah it gives it away but to me that looks infinitely less stupid than all of the craft sitting there with open wings.

besides its not as if there is some mystery about what shuttle youre after. its tydirium! like in the movie! finding it is a matter of cycling through the shuttles so not really a challenge and the wings dont really affect this.

edit: you had flight groups 33-38 with closed sfoils. i added fg 39 and 41-45 and rearranged the craft in the hangar (also got carried away adding some more)
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