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Re: TFTC v1.0 Released!

Posted: Mon Jul 19, 2021 11:48 pm
by Metathrom
I've been playing it (reimagined) and I gotta say the quality is spectacular! The new briefing officer voice actor does the old British officer good justice. The Secret Order hooded man is also really good.

I love how much more fleshed out the missions are this time around, as well as how they're scaled up. This became quite apparent in battles 2 and 3, with small factions like the Habeen, Dimok and Nharwakk gaining more personality. I also enjoy the big engagements where you really are a tiny starfighter amongst dozens. This is fantastic.

However I've encountered some hard roadblocks on the path. The mission where you have to protect the Habeen platform from a huge Nharwakk attack is extremely hard, as something seems to take off huge chunks of its shield/hull integrity rather quickly. I think it may be an exploding gun platform - not sure. I was able to finish it after several tries, but haven't identified what was reducing its shield by like 70% in one hit.

This is what Squadrons should have been. Fantastic work keeping such magnificent games like TF and XWA up to date! I almost feel like making a mod for the forgotten Balance of Power campaigns, with full voices and properly "Reimagined".