XWAU Keybinds

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XWAU Keybinds

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Post by Vince T » Mon Jun 13, 2022 8:32 am

First of all, here's an overview of all the base game's standard key bindings:

Next, these are the various Key Binds added with XWAU

Player craft controls
CTRL + L: Toggle Landing Gears
K: Toggle SLAM System

Player Camera controls (works both with and without VR)
Arrow keys: Lean left/right/up/down.
SHIFT + Up/Down: Lean forwards/backwards.
CTRL + SHIFT + ALT + Right/Left: Adjust Field of View (FOV)
CTRL + F: Cycle between predefined FOVs
SCRLK: Toggle Mouse Look

General DDraw Engine controls
CTRL + I: Toggle Inertia movement
D: Switch between Dynamic Cockpit and regular HUD
CTRL + D: Toggle Laser Illumination on/off
CTRL + H: Toggle Cockpit holographic displays
CTRL + Right/Left: Adjust aspect ratio
CTRL + Up/Down: Adjust global scale
CTRL + SHIFT+ALT + Up/Down: Adjust stereoscopy strength

Post Processing Controls
CTRL + ALT + A: Toggle Bloom effect
CTRL + ALT + P: Toggle Indirect Lighting when SSDO is active
CTRL + ALT + N: Toggle Normal Mapping
CTRL + ALT + G: Toggle Greeble effect
CTRL + ALT + F: Toggle FXAA
CTRL + S: Toggle Shadow Mapping (Toggle Raytracing in Tech Library)
CTRL + R: Toggle Raytracing in Flight
CTRL + SHIFT + R: Toggle Raytraced cockpit (Requires Raytracing toggled on
CTRL + T: Toggle Target Box

VR Controls
CTRL + Left/Right: Change the scale of the reticle.
SHIFT + Left/Right: Change the depth of the reticle.
ALT + T: Reload TrackIR

GUI Depth Adjustment
CTRL + SHIFT + Up / Down: Adjust Targeting Computer GUI Depth
CTRL + SHIFT + Left / Right: Adjust Text Depth -- This should be above the Targeting Computer Depth.
SHIFT + Left/Right: Adjust Aiming HUD Depth.

VR Configuration
SHIFT + Arrow Keys: Adjust POV
Period/Dot Key (Double Tap): Reset POV in SteamVR
SHIFT + Period/Dot Key: Reset POV
CTRL + ALT + S: Save current VR parameters to vrparams.cfg
CTRL + ALT + L: Load VR parameters from vrparams.cfg
CTRL + ALT + R: Reset VR parameters to defaults.

Lens Distortion Effect
CTRL + ALT + B: Toggle Lens Correction Effect ("Barrel Distortion Effect").
CTRL + ALT + Left/Right: Adjust K1 Lens Distortion Coefficient (fine-tunes the effect)
CTRL + ALT + Up/Down: Adjust K2 Lens Distortion Coefficient (bigger effect, start here)

Window Scale
CTRL + Z: Toggle Zoom-Out Mode (allows you to see all the corners of the screen)
CTRL + ALT + Shift + (+/-): Adjust Zoom-Out Mode/Concourse/Menu scale

CTRL + PRINTSCREEN: Take Screenshot during gameplay
ALT + O: Take Screenshot in Tech Library

Game Speed controls
CTRL + Q: Speed up time
CTRL + A: Slow down time

CTRL + J: Reload CockpitLook.cfg
CTRL + W: toggle Textures (only in Tech Library)
CTRL + ALT + D: Toggle SSAO/SSDO in Debug mode
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