Using chatgpt to generate ideas for mission and skirmish

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Using chatgpt to generate ideas for mission and skirmish

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Post by batuta » Sun May 07, 2023 3:02 pm

Hello I have been testing chatgpt to generate ideas and try interesting skirmish missions.
The idea is that chatgpt provides me with the briefing, the ships to use as well as the orders and objectives to later adapt them in skirmish mode.
Here I leave you as an example one of the multiple ideas that chatgpt has given me, I think it is a new way of experimenting.

Of course! Here's another mission idea with objectives and ship selection:

Rebels vs Empire: Starbase Assault

Selection of ships:

For the Rebels, two A-Wings and one Y-Wing will be used. The Empire will use two Tie Bombers and one Tie Interceptor.


The Rebels' objective is to destroy the defenses of an Imperial starbase. The objective of the Empire is to defend the starbase and destroy the attackers.


The battle map is the space near an Imperial starbase. The base is protected by defenses, including turrets, missile launchers, and TIE fighters. The map includes asteroids and other objects that provide cover and obstacles for ships.

Special abilities:

Each ship has special abilities that are activated during battle. A-Wings are fast and maneuverable, making them ideal for attacking enemy defenses and fighters. The Y-Wing is tougher and has a larger ammo capacity for its ion torpedoes, which can temporarily disable the starbase's defenses. Tie Bombers have a large amount of ammunition for their bombs, which can destroy enemy defenses and ships. The Tie Interceptor is fast and maneuverable, ideal for protecting the base and attacking enemy ships.

Orders for the ships:

The A-Wings must attack the defenses of the starbase and protect the Y-Wing while it attacks the defenses. They must evade enemy TIE fighters and maintain air superiority.

The Y-Wing must attack the starbase's defenses with their ion torpedoes, temporarily disabling them so the A-Wings can destroy them. It must also fend off TIE fighters trying to intercept it.

The Tie Bombers must attack the Rebels and destroy them, especially the Y-Wing. They should avoid the A-Wings as much as possible and attack the starbase defenses when there is no immediate threat.

The Tie Interceptor must protect the starbase and attack the Rebels. You must use your maneuverability to evade enemy attacks and protect the starbase defenses.

Time limit:

The battle has a time limit of 30 minutes. If the Rebels manage to destroy all of the starbase's defenses before the time runs out, they win the game. If the Empire destroys all Rebel ships before time runs out or if the Rebels fail to destroy all defenses, the Empire wins the game.


Difficulty can be adjusted based on players' abilities or personal preferences. In addition, additional elements can be added to the map, such as additional enemy fighters or a greater number of defenses.

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