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X-Wing Alliance Keyboard Reference Card Download

Posted: Fri Feb 24, 2012 2:29 am
by ffaaway
A while back, the X-Wing Alliance Manual .pdf circulated the web but I have never seen a Keyboard Reference Card anywhere so I took it upon myself to create one. I can't build starships, but this small graphic project is something I can handle!

For your archiving pleasure, please feel free to download, distribute, link to, upload to your site, whatever you wish, I doubt Lucasarts will mind...
  • X-Wing_Alliance_Reference_Card_Printable.rar
For the sake of completeness, I figured I'd better include a chart of the Film Room Key Commands added in the 2.02 update and keep all these documents consolidated in one place.
  • X-Wing_Alliance_Flight_Recorder_Keycard.rar
For convenience I am including a link to download the Full Manual - I have not altered this file in any way.
  • Star_Wars_X-Wing_Alliance_Manual.rar
...and also a link to download moeburn's List of XWA keyboard controls -
  • xwacontrols.rar
...and last but not least a link to download X-Wing Alliance : Strategy Guide -
  • Star_Wars_X-Wing_Alliance_Strategy_Guide.rar