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Installing the Updates on XWAU 2020 with Custom Shipsets

Posted: Sat Apr 03, 2021 8:03 am
by DTM
An important piece of information, for those who use Palpatine Total Converter and manage one or two Custom Shipsets. This Upgrade contains two types of patches for the XwingAlliance.exe file (the XWA core file).

FIXes of the game that were already contained in the first version (Fix1, GunTurret, Knockout).
UPDATES for the POVs coordinates of the Tie Fighter and the Tie Interceptor.

FIXes are applied to the to the currently active version of XWA, to the standard .exe files of XWA, as well as to the .exe files of the Custom Shipsets, contained in the "TotalConverter \ Custom1" and "TotalConverter \ Custom2" folders. Before running the installation, make sure you have not manually altered the location of the files contained here.

UPDATES are applied only to the currently active version of XWA and to the backup files of the standard version of XWA, contained in the "ToatalConverter \ XWAU" folder. The versions of XWA contained in Custom1 and Custom2 are excluded from the Update.

How to properly apply this patch.

1. In case you know that ypu have not altered the values of the Tie Fighter and the Tie Interceptor to create your Custom Shipset, the simplest way to proceed is to start the Upgrade installer after making sure that the Custom Shipset is selected as the current active version of XWA (Load XWA versions, Load Custom XWA Shipset N.1/2). After making sure that after the Upgrade your Custom Shipset is working correctly, use Palpatine Total Converter to update its backup, as you would after any modification to your Custom Shipset (Create or Update a Shipset, Crate or Update your Custom XWA (Shipset N.1/2) ).

2. If you have customized the values of the Tie Fighter and Tie Interceptor in your Custom Shipset, and therefore you do not want them to be modified by the Upgrade, before installing the Upgrade make sure that the current active version of XWA is the original one (Load XWA versions, Restore XWAU2020).

In case you need to manually apply the updates to the Tie Fighte and Tie Interceptor, these are the Cockpit POVs values for both imepial fighters (values as per MXvTED):
X = 0
Z = 3
Y = -3

In case you need to reinstall the game without losing your Custom Shipset, proceed as follows.

1. Make a Backup copy of the "TotalConverter \ Custom1" and "TotalConverter \ Custom2" folders outside the game folder
2. Make a Backup copy of your added .OPT files and mission .TIE files
3. Uninstall the XWA game
4. Reinstall the XWA game
5. Install the XWAU 2020 Mega Patch
6. Copy your Backup inside the game folders "TotalConverter \ Custom1" and "TotalConverter \ Custom2", replacing the existing files.
7. Copy your .OPT and mission .TIE files in the game folders
8. Install the Update Version 2, as written above.