Just checking... Tie Fighters die in approximately 1 hit from a Z95, yeah?

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Just checking... Tie Fighters die in approximately 1 hit from a Z95, yeah?

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Post by fergrim » Thu Aug 19, 2021 6:14 am

Title says it all.

Have I set something wrong, or is this right?

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Post by Porkins_BB » Thu Aug 19, 2021 7:16 am

Maybe it depends on difficulty level, but in general, you can only take a hit or two. If its one laser blast, you might survive, if its a double or quad laser blast, you're probably toast. You can use the Palpatine converter tool thing to adjust the durability of the Tie fighters hull if you wish.

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Post by Forceflow » Thu Aug 19, 2021 7:58 am

Yeah the T/F really doesn't take much to kill. You should survive one hit, but it can easily damage some systems already so basically you do not want to get hit at all. If the Z95 uses a dual laser shot it will pretty much kill you instantly. Very, very low chance of survival there...

When you fly the T/F you really have to use different strategies. It's the same for the T/I though that one takes 4 hits I think. The T/B is a lot more tanky but of course no shields means every hit is damage taken.

Just don't go head-to-head with enemy fighters, they will kill you. Order your wingmen to attack crafts attacking you while trying to kill the fighters that are going for your wingmen.
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Post by Vince T » Thu Aug 19, 2021 9:36 am

It‘s like Dark Souls in space without checkpoints. :D
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Post by PunkFriday » Tue Aug 24, 2021 2:07 am

Pretty accurate to the OG game too!

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Post by Kriegmacher » Sun Sep 05, 2021 10:45 pm

IIRC there's now an option to increase hull strength up to 400% somewhere in either the configurator or the converter.

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