BlueMax effects help

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BlueMax effects help

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Post by Fizwalker » Sat Sep 25, 2021 1:02 am

I am new to the site and I have been trying to go through the various things to, in the end, get VR to work. I am nowhere near there yet and I am trying to get the pre-requisites installed. So, I have the Megapatch installed and I am working on BlueMax's-- (Blue Max was the first flight sim I ever played and I loved it! Thank you!) but I have run into an issue. That issue is, I don't know how to install it. Readme suggests that there is an installation program included, but the .EXE, .BAT or program file seems to be missing. Is there another way to install this file?

Thank you for the help and all the work put into this. I have missed this series over the years and I would love to get back to flying it! (Thought Squadrons would work... But yeah. It was kinda an appetizer that just whetted my appetite.)

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Post by blue_max » Sat Sep 25, 2021 4:39 am

Fizwalker wrote:
Sat Sep 25, 2021 1:02 am
(Blue Max was the first flight sim I ever played and I loved it! Thank you!)
Yup, that's pretty much the reason I chose this nickname ;)

Anyway, answering your question. All you need is in the Downloads link, in this site. First, make a copy of the XWA directory after a clean install. You might need this in case something goes wrong and you need to start over. Then do the following:

* Apply the XWAU 2020 Mega Patch on the XWA directory (this is the main installer).
* Apply the XWAU 2020 Update Version 4.0 on the same path.
* Unzip the BlueMax Effects on the XWA directory (this is always an experimental update on the previous two patches, that's why it doesn't have an installer).

Before enabling VR run the game and check that the new effects are working fine. You can configure the effects (and enable VR) using the Babu Frik configurator, but first make sure the game runs fine without VR.

For VR, enable it through the Babu Frik configurator. Then run SteamVR and leave it there on the background. Finally, run the game. VR isn't perfect, but it's playable.

You might need to check the following threads for further tips to fine-tune your VR experience:


Finally, feel free to come back here and ask questions. We would like this process to be perfect, but we're not there yet. So chances are you might hit a few bumps along the road, but we are still working on improving the VR experience.

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