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Concourse Hook

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Post by JeremyaFr » Sat Sep 25, 2021 10:16 am


Here is a new hook: concourse hook.
This hook permits to modify the concourse items.

To set the medal details list, open "MedalDetailList.txt" and change the corresponding line to the desired value.
If the file does not exist, default values are used.
A line set to "null" means that the line is an empty string.
To set the medal decription, edit the "FamilyMedalsDescriptions.txt" file.
See MedalDetailList.txt and FamilyMedalsDescriptions.txt.

To set the custom cutscenes list that are played on points levels, edit the "CustomMoviesOnPointsList.txt" file.
The format of the file is a line per cutscene:
points level, cutscene name
See CustomMoviesOnPointsList.txt.

To define the doors positions, edit the "ConcourseDoors.txt" file.
See ConcourseDoors.txt.

To set the medals positions in the medals case, edit the "MedalsPositions.txt" file.
To set the medals descriptions, edit the "MedalsDescriptions.txt" file.
There can be up to 20 medals.
See MedalsPositions.txt and MedalsDescriptions.txt.
To set the position of the Kalidor Crescent, set the KalidorCrescentPositionX and KalidorCrescentPositionY settings in "hook_concourse.cfg".
To set the points of the Kalidor Crescent, edit the "KalidorCrescentPoints.txt" file.
To set the descriptions of the Kalidor Crescent, edit the "KalidorCrescentDescriptions.txt" file.
See KalidorCrescentPoints.txt and KalidorCrescentDescriptions.txt.

To set the points for the rank points, edit the "RankPoints.txt" file.
To set the points for the pilot rating points, edit the "PilotRatingPoints.txt" file.
See RankPoints.txt and PilotRatingPoints.txt.

To start in the concourse instead of the family room, before having completed the first 7 missions, set SkipFirst7Missions to 1 in hook_concourse.cfg.
See "hook_concourse.cfg"

Suppose that the mission is "[MissionDir]\[Mission].tie".
To play a per-misson briefing movie, create a movie named "Movies\[Mission]_briefroom.[ext]" where [ext] is "snm" or another supported movie format.
If a such movie doesn't exist, then "briefroom.[ext]" is played.

You can download the hook with XwaHooksSetup.
Or with this link:

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Post by Ace Antilles » Sat Sep 25, 2021 1:25 pm

@AngeI will probably confirm this.
So I can set it up so when I start a campaign mission and enter the room, it will play a video and after it will play the briefing. Correct?

I thought of a good use for it ;)
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