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Rules to guides & Tutorials

Posted: Mon Jun 20, 2022 11:47 am
by Vince T
Welcome to the guides forum This place is meant to offer helpful information to both players and modders alike.

In order to keep this section tidy and manageable, there's a few things we ask you to consider:
- Anybody can post guides and tutorials. Please make sure they are properly structure and proof-read them for typos etc. before posting.
- If you have question which you want included in the FAQ, please post them there.
- For any specific questions not related to the FAQ or any of the guides, please use the Help Channel
- Please do not engage in any general discussions,
- Please use Tags in your Guide's title so it's easier to see what area of modding it's about. Example [OPTing] [Mission] [FrontEnd]
- This goes without saying but: Do not post guides about gambling, making money or getting cheap pharmaceuticals. Posts of such nature will be deleted on sight and their authors banned permanently from the forum.