Lighting issue (red lights only or no light source at all)

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Lighting issue (red lights only or no light source at all)

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Post by Antioche » Mon Jul 31, 2023 6:37 pm


I'm having a great time plyaing the XWA campaign ! Congrats people for the tremendous work !
But I have a graphics issue and I was hoping you could help me :
In some zones of certain missions, there seems to be light source issues. Sometimes, everything will appear red (about half the time) and sometimes there seems to be no light source at all.
It changes when I hyperspace from one zone to another, and it seems to be always the same in the same zones.
I added a few screenshots to illustrate.
With red light only
screenshot red light.png
With no light source at all
screenshot no light.png

I tried reinstalling a clean install (XWA2020 -> V5.0 -> v5.6.2) but still have the problem.

I play on a laptop with an RTX 3050 Ti

Also very minor issue : Am I the only one with a black band in the background ?
Normal lights but with a black band in the background
screenshot normal light.png

I apologize if this issue is already known and fixed, I looked in the forum but couldn't find anyone with a similar problem.

Keep up the awesome work !
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