People and Projects

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People and Projects

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Master Qui-Gon
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Post by Master Qui-Gon » Thu May 01, 2003 11:14 am

There are lot of people out there with their projects that never get finished. <P>Why is it then when you offer help that no one responds?<P>Some of this stuff has been going on 3 years and then they say this game is dead hah!<P>Abolisher....General T. they respond to inquiries.<P> repsonse..I asked him if I could check out the hoth surface they have for their project that won't get finished anyway!<P>When I was doing the Death Star surface I asked for help in getting some surface models of buildings for some help....No response...but thats ok because I finished it anyway on my own and abolisher cleaned it up.<P>That is waht is wrong with this modding group...too many projects...not enough completions.<P>I waited for the BOY shipset to be completed and then it got cancelled and I started helping to get it done.<P>So basically all I'm saying is some people here are really great! others need to move on to another game because if you won't even reply with a polite no-thankyou,I not going to PLAY YOUR **** ANYWAY! So guys don't ask for updates on dead projects. I'm still waiting(and truning blue) for the Atmospheric shipset form 3 years ago....yeah right.
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Ace Antilles
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Post by Ace Antilles » Thu May 01, 2003 5:27 pm

<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Master Qui-Gon:<BR><STRONG>I'm still waiting(and truning blue) for the Atmospheric shipset from 3 years ago....yeah right.</STRONG><HR></BLOCKQUOTE><P>I agree. That's why I've been busy researching stuff recently that's giving me far more fun than XWA has in a long time! I don't know how many more updates on my site there will be.<P>People have selective answer disorder. :(<BR>So if you're not going to complete a project people, then post it for someone else to! :eek:
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Bios Boy
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Post by Bios Boy » Sat May 03, 2003 9:45 pm

I agree that if a project isn't going to be completed then pass it on to someone else on the forums and then one day it probably will.<P>You also have to remember that some projects take a very long time to complete. I have been working on an opt program for years and it still isnt finished but that doesnt mean that I have stopped working on it.
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Post by Abolisher » Sun May 04, 2003 3:18 am

I thought about saying this earlier, but I guess I'll say it now in light of this topic.<P>A few weeks ago, I started a thread discussing how I revamped the craft speeds and shield ratings of the game. Then I started another thread when I released a huge update for the Ashgard Campaign including a rebalancing and improvement of all previously made missions to work with the new stats. There were a few interested people who pushed both threads to about 30 replies but the overall interest seemed moderate to low.<P>Then someone comes in and starts a "Frying Pan War" thread and it swells to over 100 replies in just a few days. :roll: This speaks to the pathetic state of the community. 'nuff said.<P>Projects aren't getting done and no one wants to help because XWA is dead. I get the impression that most people are here for reasons not even related to XWA--boredom, chit chat, frying pan wars, or whatever. In other words, this place, for most people, is just a place to screw around with their internet pals.<P>Just to clarify, hanging out with internet pals here isn't inherently a bad thing, but the fact that it happens at this site almost to the exclusion of XWA is.<p>[ 04 May 2003: Message edited by: Abolisher ]
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Post by MorfeoMKII » Mon May 05, 2003 6:41 am

Hello everyone.<P>LOL Ace Antilles. I guess what you said about "selective answer disorder" struck a note or something. What else is new. Being involved in Interacial Forums can be tough. No disorder here however. I just play on :)<P>Am still very much into XWA, is one of the few games that I have. I need a new PC, but now is not the time. My work squedule is going to intensify greatly, and whats worse, my girlfriend is going to visit me, soon I hope. She gets angry at the idea of me blasting a single TIE Figther. Got to love her :)<P>One OPT that I would like to do would be Talon's TIE Obliterator (but I only known how to do Skirmich pic, and am still doing them heh...), but everything here is back to square one. Got to find a place to live first and a car LOL! This susks! I don't even have a laundry machine!<P>-MorfeoMKII-<BR>Open up your Mind before you open up your mouth.<p>[ 05 May 2003: Message edited by: MorfeoMKII ]

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Post by TIMMAY » Mon May 05, 2003 9:52 am

Talking about Projects...Im currently coding a "Archive" of Missions/Battles & Custom Ships made for X-Wing, Tie Fighter, X-Wing vs Tie Fighter, Balance of Power, X-Wing Alliance.<P>Obviously the most focus will be on XWA and XvT but it cant hurt to have the others in there :D<P> <A HREF="" TARGET=_blank></A>
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